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Capoeira Angola Roda in Durban. Play Capoeira. Learn Capoeira. Connect through Capoeira. Diversity



This mix of dance, music and martial arts makes capoeira lots of fun to play and learn. The journey into learning capoeira is long and rewarding, where the positive energy shared between everyone involved is highly addictive!

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilan martial art that fuses elements of fight, dance, music and movement into a lively melting pot of cultural expression that has captured the world's imagination.


Developed by Africans taken as slaves to Brazil from the 15-1800s it is unllike other martial arts in that it is a dialogue between two players, the "capoeiristas", rather than a form of confrontation or self defence. 


The capoeira game is accompanied by a percussion orchestra known as the "bateria" in which the capoeira practitioners play various tradtitional instruments and sing in a call-and-response manner. This sets the pace and tone of the "roda", the circle in which capoeira is played.





Colectivo Africano focuses on the traditional form of the game, generally known as Capoeira Angola, and works to preserve the African heritage of capoeira and the roots of the tradition. 


The group takes a holistic approach to Capoeira Angola, celebrating its diverse and rich culture, heritage and traditions. The members & students are the voice that make up the collective. Each person is encouraged grow and develop at their own pace, in order to find their voice within the art form. 

The group was officially formed in 2016 but has a long history of capoeira in Durban. The group was previously known as Capoeira do Natal and many of its members were a part of Durban's original capoeira group, Capoeira Na Praia. 



Venue: 3 Cobham Grove, Windermere

(The Iron movement / Vengeance Strength & conditioning gym)

Time: 18:00-19:30


Venue: 3 Cobham Grove, Windermere

(The Iron movement / Vengeance Strength & conditioning gym)

Time: 17:30-19:00

Online (Due to Covid-19)

Mondays: Zoom Video Call

Contact us to find out how to join 

Time: 17:30-18:30



Capoeira is for man, woman and child

Professor Matt (Concha)
Matt Clark

Concha began capoeira in 2001 in Bristol (England) with the group Filhos de Angola. When he retured to South Africa in 2002 he became one of the founding members of Capoeira Na Praia and began teaching for the group from 2003 up until 2007 when he left to live in Belgium. In Belgium he met Mestre Djop Barbosa (Escola de Capoeira) and studies under him until today. In 2013 Matt began teaching for Mestre Djop in the city of Gent where he currently lives, returning annually to South Africa to share his knowledge with the group.


Mark Hardie

Mark began his journey in capoeira in 2005 with Capoeira Na Praia. In 2010 he formed the Group Capoeira do Natal at DUT together with Maria Cristina Giampietri and has been leading the classes there ever since. While Matt is in Belgium Marks runs the Durban group. Mark is the author of the book Tangible Connections in South African Capoeira, mapping capoeira in South Africa.

Capoeira is for everyone

It is never too late to start learning Capoeira

Join in and get active, capoeira is great way to get fit, build core strength and develop flexibility.

Through learning Capoeira, you will discover a fun & dynamic way to move your body, while meeting new people and developing lasting friendships.

Capoeira is not all physical, you will also learn Brazilian Portuguese, learn percussion & rhythm as well as sing capoeira songs too. 

We have our classes twice a week, for who ever wants to join. We offer mixed level classes, where everyone trains together and learns from each other. We are based at the Durban university of Technology Sports Centre, as well as at Iron Vengeance Gym on Cobham Grove (Off Umgeni Road).


Colectivo Africano

Mark Hardie

Cell: 082-467-8218



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